About Caroline

Caroline learned at an early age that beauty is creativity, which comes from within.  In 2010, her life began to change.  She met a new circle of people—many unique and interesting faces, other artists, photographers, models, all because of her love of makeup.  These people have become her close friends and a great source of inspiration.  What was once an interest at one point grew into a career enabling her to put her skills to good use and set herself on a life changing path towards happiness.

In order to make her dream a reality Caroline decided to take a leap of faith forward and get her makeup certification while working a full-time job in Corporate America in hopes that one day she’ll continue to build her own brand.  Both her friends and family have been a great support system through what seemed like an insurmountable mission.  Upon completion of makeup school, Caroline found her perfect blend of artistry and being business savvy that gave her the tools she needed to become the makeup artist she is today, create this site and share her work with all of you.  She now services the NJ and NYC Metro area.

Headshot by Jennifer Sutton Photography – https://www.facebook.com/jennifersuttonphotography